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We’re bringing Boost North Canterbury to you to provide advice and insights on how you can grow your business!

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The Mark, Sidekick and Enterprise North Canterbury have joined forces to provide advice and insights on how you can grow your business!

We’re hosting online seminars, covering marketing, business planning and funding opportunities for North Canterbury businesses! Learn how to convert your hard work into sales and opportunities for your business.

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Marketing & Business Growth

70% of businesses surveyed wanted to learn more about marketing. How they can build awareness of their business and continue to grow. Dean Percy from The Mark will be here to talk about marketing your business, the importance of defining and understanding your target market so you can reach them effectively and drive return on your marketing investment.

Dean Percy is an experienced business manager and owner, entrepreneur and energetic strategic marketer. Over the course of his career he has worked with hundreds of companies across branding, digital and advertising. He thrives on the freedom to think, create and problem-solve in his role as Director of The Mark.

Business Planning & Accountability

58% of companies want help with business planning, how do they prepare internally for growth and set themselves up for success? Ric Thorpe from Sidekick will be talking about planning your business, from the inside out and how you can ensure your business is set up to grow. Do you know the key factors in your business, and how to measure and manage them?

Ric Thorpe is a shareholder and manager across 6 Accountancy firms throughout the South Island. For 10 years at Sidekick, Ric has been helping clients with the right software, advice and strategy to help them grow their profit and improve their personal wealth. Often, the simplest strategies are the best and the easiest KPIs to track will help you achieve success.

Enterprise North Canterbury

Miles Dalton from Enterprise North Canterbury will be talking about Enterprise North Canterbury and how they can support your businesses growth.

He’ll also be discussing the different funding opportunities available to your business, and how the Regional Business Partner programme can help your business grow.

Miles has spent years helping people to set up or grow their businesses, both within his role at ENC, but also in his past career where he has helped establish over 100 arts based businesses and 50 community enterprises.

Now his job is to help business owners to achieve their goals, and it is being able to help people to reach their dreams that drives him.

Locals, supporting local. As part of the North Canterbury Business community, we want to show our support to see our community thrive. When we support local we all win.